Kandams in nadi astrology

In this Kandam, the name of the individual, details regarding his parents, brothers, profession and the nature of different aspects of his entire life will be given briefly according to twelve bhavas astrological bases.

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Details regarding the subsequent Kandams are as follows:. Shanti Kandam: Place where the individual was born in the previous birth, the good and bad deeds done by the individual and the consequences enjoyed in the present birth, the problems and shortcomings faced now due the sins of the past and how to remove the same are listed in this Kandam.

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Deeksha Kandam: Deals with particular Mantra Holy Utterances : Deals with the Mantra that should be prayed and worn so that the individual and the family members achieve success. Aushadha Medicines Kandam: Will deal with the medicines one should take. Suggests the type of medicine or herb for chronic diseases.

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Details regarding where the same could be obtained, how to partake the same, diet restrictions etc. Disabhukthi Kandam: Disabhukthi Kandam: Will deal with astrological planetary positions, their benefits, how to avoid the effects of bad times, etc. Nadi Astrology Predictions will be given in chapters :.

berlinbootstouren.de/scripts/461/zepy-spionage-samsung-handy.php This Kandam chapter tells about general predictions and the common influences of planets, clearly with names, predictions about parents, siblings Brother and Sisters , Wife, Children, health etc Children, Birth and Death, Benefit and Problems from them. The Reason for not bearing children.

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The time and other details of marriage, reasons for Delay in marriage, Bride and bridegrooms hailing from and benefits from them. This Chapter tells about The Native's Life span. About source of losses, Expenditure, Reasons for them.

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Salvation, Kinds of Life in next birth.