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He sets out to end the reign of terror and stop Scorpio by any means necessary. Harry literally jumps onto the hijacked bus and forces Scorpio to flee. The killer uses a school boy as a shield but the enraged cop simply shoots Scorpio in the shoulder and knocks him to the ground. And the attitude of Dirty Harry, being a cop who was ruthless.

The cop being the same as the killer except he has a badge. In , a series of suspected Zodiac letters arrived at the offices of the San Francisco Chronicle. Speech and communication skills are ruled by these two houses and their lords respectively, which is very important for an actor or actress. Those are very important milestones to step into and to sustain in this industry.

Skin quality is seen from the 2nd house and Mercury. Fifth house is the house of entertainment and followers or fans. That means as an entertainer how far you are successful. Ninth house is all luck. A strong or Rajyoga Karaka tenth house says: Your enjoyment of fruit or success is definite but you will have to struggle to get it.

That I will discuss in my later articles in future. For now let us not to go there, otherwise, we will lose our focus of the present topic. This house also deals with the reputation in this field. After everything, you have a good story, directors, editors, financiers and a full expert team to make a good film. But, ultimately why you are doing all these. First of all — 1. Money, then. These both are controlled by this 11th house. This is applicable only for a particular team or group, not for individual basis. It may be of director, actor or anybody. This house also for fulfilling a wish.

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This house also signifies Film Distribution. Film industry and astrology. Now we have come at the last stage, that is to find out the indications from the horoscope, whether you have any yoga to become a part of this glamorous and prosperous industry, where money and fame walk by hand-in-hand. So, please read the above sections to understand it properly.

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Just combine above Planets and Houses together and try to find out in your chart whether any of the combination is present in your chart or not. Please accept the truth that all are not made for everything in this world, everybody has their own world of existence. You may have been made for some other type of career , but, if there the yoga or combination of career in film industry is present in D only, not present in Rashi Chart, so my dear, you will definitely get chance in this industry, just you have to wait for the right time to come.

Scorpio (astrology)

On these topics, I will discuss in my future article. For the time being, digest this much, I am always there to enrich your knowledge. Experience: 15 Years. Specialization: Dr. Share The Article On :. Sir I want to become a professional singer my date of birth is Pls guide me. In your horoscope the lagna is Capricorn and the Moon sign is the Cancer and is in the nakshatra of Mercury which is Aslesha.

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An atma karaka planet plays a very important role in life. Your 10th lord is Venus and with Moon in 7th house, this combination will give you the support to go to the film industry. In case of singers another important house is 3rd house which is the house of Vocal power or voice good or bad. I have seen your D-9 also, You have the strong yoga to become singer, you are a good singer also, but the main problem here is your 8th house which is not giving you the proper stage to show your talent. Some other issues are also there. Another very important thing is that, your Dasa is not supporting to take you high now.

If you go through some specific remedies to nullify the bad effect of your 8th house in horoscope then the real change will come in your life. That can be done through many ways. I believe I have given you the answer of your question. God bless you…. I am Suman Chakraborty.

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I am soooo much passionate about acting. I fact I am a theatre actor. I am trying to entitled myself in bengali film industry , but not getting first opening.

Understanding the sign of Scorpio in Astrology

Although I have capability to explore my acting. What to do? Dear Suman Chakraborty, First you need to see whether you have career in film yoga in your horoscope or not. After that try to see the dasa antardasa. In Astrology dasa antardasa simply means time period. As time is everything so you need to know the perfect timing of rising in career. The process I shared here you will get clues from this article how to judge career in film industry frim your horoscope article.

Fourth Degree of Scorpio: Your Daily Horoscope in Film |

Still if you have anything more to ask you can, I will be very pleased to answer you…. I want to become an actor, I have uploaded my rashi, lagna and navamsa chart. Please give me ur suggestions. You have not uploaded anything here, because in astrosanhita. You can take the help of above career in film industry in your horoscope according to vedic astrology you will get some clue, if you still cannot get any clue please let me know I will definitely help you….

My sister has makar lagna kundli. First four planets are favourable.

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Mars, sat, jup is vakri. She aspires to be writer, director, producer. Pls predict her fate in film line. As per her lagna Jupiter is the 12th lord and 3rd lord. On the other hand 4th, 11th house lord Mars which is the lord of earning and success of any kind and Lagna or ascendant, 2nd house lord Saturn which is lord of wealth, speech, self, and social status both have gone to 9th house of luck. This is very good sign as far as career in cinema astrology is concern.

Only due to Saturn Mars combination in her birth chart in 9th house of luck can give her a rigorous struggle or efforts at the first half of her career. Personally, I'm all for it, because it really is fun to watch, but until the industry finds a way to get the same effect without glasses,.

Scorpio Horoscope

The film making field is highly competitive and vast that has a lot of scope for employment opportunities. Candidates can find employment with. In , the magazine Premiere listed him as the most powerful and influential figure in the motion picture industry.