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Invia Annulla. Requisiti di sistema Minimo Il dispositivo deve soddisfare tutti i requisiti minimi per aprire questo prodotto Sistema operativo Windows 10 versione Consigliati Il dispositivo deve soddisfare questi requisiti per ottenere un'esperienza ottimale Sistema operativo Windows 10 versione Per votare e commentare, esegui l'accesso. Apri in una nuova scheda. Like Good Archer, you love being in love and verbalize your emotions with fervor, which you will do today without the shadow of a doubt.

On the financial point, the prediction of the day for Sagittarius tells you that you will have to take risks if you want to move forward. Your Health will be in its best shape today. If a minor complications arise, nature medicine can reverse the trend because it will only be passenger and of little importance. Mentally speaking, you'll feel very good. Capricorn Capricorn December January 19 Your way of communicating with your love becomes more refined, like a subtle and gentle caress for the soul.

You will receive love and understanding from your partner and it is most likely that he collaborates with you in everything related to business and profession. It is possible that today you have to leave aside the solemn costume that always accompanies you and perform some new maneuvers that will protect those who work by your side.

The Stars show a trend of ankle inflammation and water retention. Aquarius Aquarius January February 19 The Singles of the sign will be just as kind and fun with their friends. It is most likely that they meet new people at social meetings or solidarity meetings. These people will make them live great moments. Financially, the horoscope of the day predicts that the native of Aquarius will continue to be lucky today. The Stars predict a trend towards health improvement. If you were suffering from any disease or pain, you would feel that your body feels better and better.

This improvement will also make you feel more emotional. Fish fish February March 20 You'll be more than ready to enjoy your sexuality at any hour.

Jupiter in trouble in Paris

However, your partner will not answer as you would have wanted: it will be cold and distant. The Bachelor will also feel this fiery influence and will fall into his ex's arms to release all that energy. Jupiter enters Capricorn and will offer you a beneficial influence in terms of graduate studies, long trips, vocation and work.

Good day to enter into two-way agreements investments, wages, commercial contracts, etc. Mentally speaking, you may need to chat with a friend to eliminate your sexual frustrations in your relationship.

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The consultation Dear friends of the group, the end of year approach has a big step and to succeed you must consult from time to time a seeing, that is, a medium, Prophet someone who sees the invisible, so that he will even give you approximately What is hidden and disturbing your peace or that of yours. As much as we often have a doctor or family lawyer, as much it is necessary to have a family saw to avoid living blind in this jungle that has become our world.

The less people go to the lights, the less they know the techniques of Wizards which suits them , and the more easy they are. It is not because there are liars, enchanting and scammers among the mediums, the prophets that all are, or that you should not consult one anymore. Some have acquired naturally and positively the gift, and use it for the benefit of those who understand the well-founded. Psychic is not satanic, as many have buried it in their heads. Always pay attention to the hypocrite people around us. See More. Lunar Calendar of the month of December.

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May the blessings be. Break the egg in this water then stir it all to have a mix. Leave the mix under the dew. Your life will change in every way at the beginning of the forces of nature. Then then The Friday morning of the other week get the leaves of hyssop and crushing in a bucket of water in the evening buy a 4 Slice Cola then eat it and swallow his juice while saying his wish and spitting his debris in the water In which you have found the leaves of the hyssop.

Leaves of hyssop Very powerful purification Looking for 41 leaves of hyssop and a handful of kitchen salt Put a handful of cooking salt in a half seal of water and put the 41 leaves All this is done in the day. Then put the seal open from 15 am to 23 pm and take your bath between 23 pm and 23 pm and go straight to bed.

After the bath stays cut from the outside world you have to sleep and we don't go down NB: after bath pick up the leaves and put in a bag and morning add fr on it and go throw on a road you rarely take. When you wake up, you'll feel aches everywhere. It's God who saves II. You are own You want to get free from all these hidden channels Witchcraft-Grey-Grey or all satanic spirits.

This little ritual is intended for you, which is in this case: Ingredients: - 1 Native egg - hyssop leaves Enjoy the leaves of hyssop in simple water on a Saturday night. Reaction: This is called the boost of evil spirits. Your life will change in every way in the name of God. NB: the bath is taken without soap or sponge III.

Recipe for a request. About us Dose: Crush all in a very fine powder. Early in the morning without talking to someone, taste a little bit of powder and says: - no, no, no, no, no. After saying these incantations, call the name of the person three times then say your wishes and go ask what you want or call the person. NB: the powder gets in the left hand. Mix and mix with black soap or scented soap.

Do you have it with two 2 times a day. Horoscope of Saturday 30 November Aries Aries March April 19 This Sunday seems to be able to bring you a little tranquility, something you really needed even if you didn't know how to ask for it. You will make economic efficiency to the fullest.

You will develop good professional skills that will soon be of maximum use. The most lazy will want to move, do sports, stay active in one way or another. Those who are already well used to physical activities will want to go further and look for new doors that fill their mind with adrenaline.

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Extreme and adventure sports will fascinate you and even help you get rid of some fears. Bull bull April May 20 In Love, don't become like don quixote.