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Aquarius Next Weekly Horoscope

Lay low, be at peace with yourself and things shall pass off quickly. You would be highly sociable this month. New friends and acquaintances come into your fold these days. Worries and anxieties might bother your spirits. Maintain peace with your mind and body for now. Aquarius folks have the planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun favourably disposed for them during June Hence this would be a wonderful period for the natives.

With Neptune in your sign you continue on your spiritual seeking as always. The planets help you to get a broader and better picture of your future. Aquarius guys would be very social this month.

Give wings to your imagination and ambitions. Do not curtail anything for now. Controlling would only stall your development process in life. Keep working hard and things would turn in favour of you as the month proceeds. Aquarius natives have the outer planets Uranus and Neptune in their sign during July This makes you quite open with your thoughts and actions for now.

Do not be too picky nor too stubborn with your ideals, give some leeway as well. Else anxieties and worries might bother your spirits. As the month progresses stay relaxed and take things one at a time. Do not bite more than you can chew for now. This would hugely impact your future plans, your feelings and your visions and dreams in general. Both positive and negative phases alternate thanks to this planetary influences on your sign through the month. Stick to positive things around and keep yourself grounded.

Your social life would be quite good this period. Not a time to dream, but to get into action. Meditations and pilgrimage might bring about some solace to your stricken soul these days. Aquarius people have been having the outer planet Neptune in their sign for long and this takes you to new realms in the spiritual domain. Life might seem quite complex for now. However your romantic moods and sensuous moves are at their best. However Venus , the planet of love would be in opposition deg to your sign and this might mar your love proceeds for now.

Be careful while treading the romantic path. Things around seem too romantic, but play safe. Your ideals and ambitions are strong for now, work in that direction. Neptune for long in your sign brings you to a new level of spiritual realization this October, Aquarius. The life presented to you would be quite complex and complicated these days. Do not cringe, instead look at the brighter and broader picture at large. You would have a better vision of your future this month. Strive to be ideal, and look out how you can give in to humanity at large.

Through this period, you would have the stamina and energy to take in bigger ventures that would not have been possible before. Aquarius natives have the planets Mercury and Neptune in their sign. This would stimulate you on an intellectual level. Also your spirituality reaches new heights this season. Love and romance abound now.

This is a time when you would find out the true love of your life. If already married, you would be able to understand your spouse in a better light. Stay open-minded and liberal this month. Through the period you would have the guts to perceive things around. Be wary though. Aquarius natives have the planet Neptune in their sign for long. During December , Saturn in Leo would be opposing deg Neptune.

This advises you to resort to meditations and spiritual pursuits. And the planets Mars and Jupiter are in square aspect 90 deg to Neptune in your sign.

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This might delay and hinder your ambitions and future plans. Do not lose hope, things will soon brighten up, enjoy the holidays. Your social life would be greatly emphasized this month. Bring down your sensitive nature and work towards bringing cordial relationship with those around for now.

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Hence, Librans can use this year to prepare themselves for facing more excruciating times of the future. Just click to Read Full Libra Horoscope. There is a sense of autonomy and independence for Scorpio Sun sign during the year You are free from all restraints and constraints in life. You can use the energy you save in humanitarian activities. As you have the freedom to choose what you want to do in life, you can use this freedom to enhance your professional expertise. Do not waste your free time in frivolous activities. Instead, use it for your benefit or the benefit of society.

Just click to Read Full Scorpio Horoscope. Sagittarius astrological forecasts for the year demand that you have a hard look at your life and come out with important decisions to enhance your experience. Also, you have to cleanse your life of all the useless things and come out with fresh ideas to make life worthwhile.

Success will follow surely but slowly. The year promises significant financial returns from your investments. New relationships are in the offing but strive to keep the present ones flourishing. Just click to Read Full Sagittarius Horoscope. Predictions for Capricorn star sign for the year suggest spirituality will play a significant role during the year. You are fed up of the tensions and turmoil in life, and you are looking for a peaceful interlude. Hence, you will be drawn towards relaxation techniques such as meditation.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

You can improve your mental well being by going on a religious holiday to a serene location. Once you rejuvenate your psychological disposition, you are ready to face the new challenges. Success in life is ensured once you are emotionally fit. Just click to Read Full Capricorn Horoscope. You will be overflowing with ingenuity and inventiveness during the year as per the annual Horoscope.

Aquarius ♒ 2019 - 2020 •--• The Balancing Act

You will get opportunities to put your abilities to use and gain public recognition of your talent. Hence, use your overflowing energies judiciously. It is time to play your role as a perfect lover to your spouse and an ideal parent for your children. Use your creative talent at the workplace to garner honors and rewards in your profession. Just click to Read Full Aquarius Horoscope. Astrological predictions for Pisces sign for foretell that the year promises a lot of excitement and stimulation.