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Aries 2. Taurus 3. Gemini 4.

Cancer 5. Leo 6. Virgo 7. Libra 8. Scorpio 9. Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces There are various classification for the signs. These classifications are sometimes useful in predictions. Zodiac is an imaginary belt encircling the heavens within which are all the planets. As we know in mathematics a circle is of degree. When this circle is divided into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees, each part is called a sign. We have already talked a little bit about signs.

When this circle is divided in 27 equal parts of 13 degree 20 minutes, each part is called a Star or a Nakshatra. If we divide a star further into nine parts, this 9th division of a star is called a 'Sub'. This 'Sub' is the real backbone of KP System. We have already talked about the lord of a sign and the lord of the star above. As lord owner of a sign is called 'Sign lord', similarly lord of a star is called 'Star lord' and the lord of a sub is called 'Sub lord'.

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You can notice the difference in the sequence of the planets noted above. This is the sequence used in Vimshottari Dasa. In each star, first sub lord is the planet that owns the star and then it is followed by the remaining eight planets in Vimshottari Dasha planet sequence. For example, If Ashwini is the star which is owned by Ketu, the first sub lord in Ashwini star will be Ketu, the second sub lord will be Venus, the third sub lord will be of Sun and so on.

If Bharani is the star which is owned by Venus, the first sub lord in Bharani star will be Venus, the second sub lord will of Sun, the third sub lord will be of Moon and so on.


You can notice that there is no name given to a sub like we have given the names for signs and stars. What we are mostly cocerned about is the lord of that sub i.

Note: High school mathematics is involved in the calculation of Sub lord. Don't worry, if you don't understand the calculation part because now-a-days we have software programs that can do the calculation for you. For every important aspect of human life, one house has been given primary importance and few other houses have been given secondary importance.

All these houses together are known as group of houses for an aspect. By the term aspect of human life, I mean health, family, profession etc. Let us take an example of marriage, for marriage house number 7th has been given primary importance. Because 7th house is taken as the house for spouse husband or wife. If you are coming from the Hindu astrology or Western astrology background, you will find it familiar.

If you don't have any astrology background, you can refer house signification table under the heading 'House' above. House number 2 and 11 are said to be supportive house for marriage. In our traditional astrology, 2nd house is the house for family and 11th house is the house for friends and fulfillment of desire. So we can say that for marriage we have to judge house number 2, 7 and This is house grouping for marriage. Similarly, we can group houses for other major aspects of our life. I am tabulating house grouping for some of the important aspects as follows Aspect Longevity Cure of disease Education Marriage Child birth Foreign travel Service Gain of money House Groups 1, 8, 3 1, 5, 11 4, 9, 11 2, 7, 11 2, 5, 11 3, 9, 12 2, 6, 10 2, 6, Good and Bad Houses for Specific Matters Generally 12th house from any house is considered detrimental to that house and hence negates the results of that house.

For example, 2, 7 and 11 houses are the houses that give marriage. This is a general rule which requires some modifications on the basis of sufficient evidence. Significators Concept As mentioned above, 12 houses deal with all aspect of a human life. Generally a planet can give results related to many houses. For example, from the section Houses, we can see that 7th house is the house for marriage whereas 10th house is the house for job.

Now, one single planet can give both job and marriage to a person. Assuming Mars is that planet, we will say that Mars signifies 7th house and 10th house in such a case. Similarly, results related to a house can be obtained from more than one planet. Assuming in a chart Mars and Jupiter both can give Marriage, we will say that 7th house marriage is signified by Mars and Jupiter.

To put in simple language, a planet can signify more than one house. Also a house can be signified by more than one planet.

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From terminology, let us move to the method of finding significators in the next section. Finding Signification of Planets A planet signifies various houses in the order of strength as follows Level 1. House occupied by the star lord of the planet Level 2. House occupied by the planet itself Level 3. Houses owned by the star lord of the planet Level 4.

Houses owned by the planet itself As this signification is in the order of strength, signification at level 1 is more powerful than signification at level 2. Signification at level 2 is more powerful than signification at level 3 and so on. Level 1 to 4 is usually mentioned as grade A to E signnificators.

Suppose we have to find signification for the planet Mars in example chart.

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Here are the signified houses Level 1. Marss star lord is Venus who is in house no. Mars is in house no. Marss star is Venus who owns house no. Mars owns house no.

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Let us take another planet Moon Level 1. Moons star lord Mercury is in house no. Moon occupies 5th house Level 3.

Moons star lord Mercury owns 4th House Level 4. Moon owns 5th house So, we can say that Moon signifies houses 10, 4, and 5. We can tabulate signification of the planets in our example chart as follows Level 1 Planet star lord's occupancy Sun 10 Moon 10 Mars 11 Mercury 5 Jupiter 10 Venus 10 Saturn 10 Rahu 5 Ketu 6 Level 3 Level 2 star lord's occupancy ownership 10 6 5 4 9 2, 3, 7 10 5 10 6 11 6 6 10 5 4 11, 12 Level 4 ownership 6 5 1, 8, 9 4 10 2, 3, 7 11, Finding House Significators Significator for a house in the order of strength are as follows Level 1.

Planets in the star of occupants of that house Level 2. Planets in that house Level 3. Planets in the star of owners of that house Level 4. Owner of that house Sigificators are mentioned in the order of strength.