Capricorn weekly tarot march 27 2020

Between October 2nd and 11th, you will deploy a great energy to evolve your idylls and multiply projects between November 21st and 29th. In December between the 15th and the 23rd , take the time to look back over the past year to measure the progress made.

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Saturn, which restricted your exchanges, has finally moved away from your decan and allows you to breathe and love more freely. You renew with a desire to live more fully and warm up the atmosphere. Count on Jupiter between January 15th and March 3rd and between August 2nd and October 24th to reconnect with the part of you that thirsts for contact and love. More open to the other, you begin a new cycle of expansion, determined to be reborn from your ashes.

You will be lucky in your contacts and exchanges around February 20th and October 12th.